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What is home staging?

Home staging is a marketing technique used to showcase the best features of a property. Staging is not decorating, instead it uses a series of strategies that considers walkways, furnishings, fixtures, colors, lighting and furniture scale and placement to cater to buyers.

What are the different types and costs of home staging?

There are several service options designed for a range of budgets and needs.

Occupied Staging
Using your furniture and accessories we may rearrange and possibly add trendy accessories and furniture pieces to improve the home’s appeal and layout.

This option is good for folks who have updated accessories and furniture that is not damaged or stained. It is also good for folks on a budget.

Timelines can vary and can take 1 to 4 hours depending on the service. Pricing ranges from $199 to $499.

Vacant Staging
The stager has a blank “canvas” and starting with a vacant property, will source furniture and accessories for key areas to showcase the property.

Consultation takes about an hour and starts at $150 and will include a quote for a full service installation. Set up often take one business day or less and projects start at $2000.

Sometimes we desire a fresh new look or move to a new place and realize the old furniture doesn’t work well.

Unlike staging a property for sale, we’ll work together to create a space that caters to your personal tastes and budget.

If you’re on a budget, you can use your design plan and buy pieces slowly knowing the final look will be great.

Redesign projects vary:
1 Hour Consultation- starts at $199
Shopping Services – $90/hour
Installation – will provide quote as part of consultation

This is the most flexible and doesn’t require that a client is located nearby. This is an efficient way to get a few curated designs and a final shopping list so you can update your space your way and on your timeline.

Project timelines range from 1-3 weeks and start at $199.

Ready to begin? Start the process now.

How can staging save me money?

While there is no guarantee that staging a property will close at a higher price than unstaged homes, there is good data supporting that in many cases it does. Here are some examples:

2018. Home Staging Resource released data from a survey of over 4200 home sales. They found that 85% of the staged homes sold for 6-25% more than the unstaged homes. Get more data from the study.

2017. The National Association of Realtors “2017 Profile of Home Staging” report (pdf) showed that 55% of seller’s agents stated that staged homes spent less time on market.

2015. Forbes article quoted home stager Betsy Wilbur shared that her clients’ properties sell for an average 6.3% over asking price in 12 days. The area average is 97% of asking price and 56 days on the market.

For every $100 invested in staging, the potential return is $400.

Where can I find a home staging calculator?

Here ya go, enjoy!

Are home staging costs tax deductible?

Everyone’s situation is different but the short answer is YES.

The IRS considers home staging an “advertising” expense. There are eligibility rules and such so I recommend that you carefully read the IRS article on deducting home staging costs. (pdf) and work with a licensed tax professional if you have any questions.



How long does it take?

Each project is different – from a simple consultation to a whole house makeover, so the timing varies. When the project starts, we review timelines together.

In a pinch, a 48 business hour minimum notice is required for a smaller project.

Most installations can be done within a day.

Do you have a particular style?

Our “style” is about making your space functional, healthy and comfortable to suit buyers, shorten time on market and secure higher offers.

Do you have your own inventory?

I am always building up my inventory, but slowly as I grow.

Sourcing options are varied. In some cases I will buy pieces, other options include well known rental companies and through a network of local stagers, there is the option of utilizing a 15,000 square ft. warehouse of unique and carefully curated pieces.

What’s your experience and qualifications?


I’m a certified CSP. This means I trained for 30 hours with HGTV TV Design Star finalist and CSP instructor Cathy Hobbs. 

I have renovated several homes.

This year, I completed 541 digital designs , several had five star rating feedback.


I have 16 years of broad marketing experience. I’ve worked with start-ups, non-profits, small, medium and Fortune 500s.

During that time I regularly worked on creative projects. Which included redesigning several corporate and non-profit websites and marketing collateral. I was involved in concept, signage, booth and reception designs for many trade shows. This included high profile events like CES and Gartner PPM .

Eventually I specialized in lead generation while working as a consultant. I was a Google Partner and Bing Ad Accredited professional for many years. I taught Digital Marketing at UC Berkeley extensions in San Francisco and Belmont.

I love marketing and am excited for a new direction in my career.

What are your payment terms?

Here’s the process of working together.

  • Agree on scope of project, sign agreement
  • Submit 50% at signing
  • Final 50% is due before installation or final revisions

Cash, money orders, or online money transfers through Paypal.

Do you offer free consultations?

We charge a fee for initial consultations due to the amount of time and energy put into the site visit and proposals we develop.

What if I don’t like the staging after the installation?

At times, staging projects may not meet a client’s personal tastes or mine. This isn’t personal, it’s marketing to the group most likely to buy the property.

As a trade professional, I track design trends and review studies on real estate buyers. In a 2017 National Association of Realtor report, they found that 35% of home buyers are 36 years or younger. Further the GenX group consists of 28% of buyers. Combined, they make up 62% of the buyers. That’s a huge, active group. Knowing the audience for your particular area is key.

For example, many Boomers want to downsize. A stager can bridge the generational style gap and cater to the demographic that is most likely to be interested in the property.

Please remember, the ultimate goal is to get your property sold quickly for top dollar.

If you want a more personalized experience like French Country or Elvis Chic, let’s talk about designing your new place. In that case, then it is all about catering to YOUR aesthetic.

Still have more questions? Reach out!

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